Friday, March 12, 2010

Chiropractor Madison Network: ChiropracticUSA

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Chiropractor Madison Network: ChiropracticUSA

The Ideal Spine Centre

The Ideal Spine Centre is the awarded Spinal Specialist in the Margate area. It remains committed to it's original ideals, to become the pillar of optimal health and healing in the community of Margate, Kent.

Dr. Farthing

Doctor Christian H. E. Farthing is not a medical doctor, osteopath, physiotherapist or chiropractor in the United Kingdom. Dr. Farthing is a Doctor of Chiropractic in Australia where he gained his double degree [Bachelor of Applied Science (Clinical Science); Bachelor of Chiropractic Science] and his title of “Doctor”. However, he now practices as a Specialist in Spinal Correction and Wellness Care in the UK. He has received graduate awards for leadership, academic and clinical excellence, and has been recognised internationally as a Distinguished Fellow of CBP for Clinical and Spinal Biomechanics. Dr. Farthing is a registered Osteomyologist in the UK and also the leading author of the bestseller “The World’s Best Kept Health Secret Revealed” (2nd Ed).